In lieux of gifts this past Christmas, Stu and I took off for a week to the desert. It was warm and beautiful - and a much needed break from the Vancouver Rain.

Thank you to the Canadian Film Laboratory for the beautiful scans :)

Alaska Highway

Just getting to these photos from a july road trip - Vancouver to whitehorse.

This drive was incredible, and I whole heartedly recommend it. Long hours in the car are offset with so many wildlife sightings, and stretches of land you can be sure hasn't been touched in who knows how long. Lauren Kurc and Andrea Rokosz, thank you for driving. 


Rainy Tuesday

A few from a recent shoot for Charlie and Lee. We were almost rained out at the very last minute but living in Vancouver, what can you do? That being said, really looking forward to more agreeable weather in the coming months!

Model: Chelsea Ghini // Styling: Kleah Michnik